These are DOGS! We can indignant, exclaim “Oh my God!”, or take a position and sign the public petition “Nobody touch the DOG”, addressed to the President of the European Commission Mr. Manuel Barroso and Mr. Barack Obama to officialy ask to the Chinese government to stop this brutal practice of eating dog meat, and to immediately end the terrible tortures which the DOGS are subjected in China. You can find the Petition here: I advise you that the images in the video are of a terrible cruelty and are reserved to an adult audience! It’ll be the best Christmas present for our DOGS! The dogs have no voice, but we do! Then we make our voice heard. More we’ll be and stronger will be our call. Yes WE CAN! WE can STOP them!
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Dogs have lived and worked with humans in so many roles that they have earned the unique nickname “man’s best friend” a phrase used in other languages as well. Song name:My Immortal. Artist:Evanescence This video made by Pantelis342

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