Question by *julie*–>away<--: Does it seem like more dog trainers are starting to use head halters and anti-pull harnesses..?
Instead or prong collars and choke chains?
I’ve only seen/been to a few trainers so I might be wrong. I’ve been to training at the humane society, petsmart/petco(I know, bad trainers) and a trainer recommended by our vet. It also seems like more vets and shelters are recommending head halters and anti-pull harnesses also.
I’ve also seen many people lately with dogs that have head halters(Even service dogs) and many say they don’t use it as a “band-aid”, it was recommended by a trainer.
I have a harness for my dog for when I’m at the humane society(volunteer) They don’t allow metal or choke collars(which we normally use), it doesn’t seem as bad as everyone thinks(I know people won’t like that comment)
Do you notice thay many trainers are recommending these products also?
What do you think of it?
What do you use for your dogs?

Sorry if this was badly worded!

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Answer by anne b
My dogs were actually all trained with flat collars.

Prongs can actually be considered “bandaids” just as easily as these other training devices. The other devices have become socially acceptable to the public, so some trainers have moved over to these softer devices. I am not a big fan of Haltis or Gentle Leaders, but have seen some great results with the Sporn harnesses.

If the training tool is on the dog for life, it doesn’t matter which one was used, it was used wrong. All of these devices should have been phased out during the course of training.

Ironically enough, prongs and chokes are still really popular in my neck of the woods. And most of the folks have no clue how to use them, so many dogs have been condemned to life in a training tool.

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