Question by : Does it annoy you when people have to point out their dog is a “rescue”?
Does anyone else find it annoying when someones like, “yeah so I took my rescue to the park yesterday” or “i’m having so much fun with my rescue dog” I’m just like WTF!!! It always seems like it’s only liberal democrat do-gooder hippie types who say that too. I mean for crying out loud, I “rescued” our cocker spaniel but guess what??? When someone says “Do you own a dog” I say… “Yeah I own a wonderful cocker spaniel” I don’t *smack gum like a valley girl* and say “Yeah I like totally own a rescue chihuahua… ohhhh it totally changed my life to own a rescue” etc. etc. Ugghhh people you’re not a superhero.

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Answer by ladystang
some yes
thanks for the visual

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