Question by Beach Lover: Does anyone know of a wireless invisible fence that will work on a sloped lot?
We have a Norwegian Elkhound (8 months old) that will NOT stay home! She just wants to be around people. Does anyone know of a wireless invisible fence that will work with a sloped lot. Thought about the underground fence but have heard others voice complaints of “varmints” chewing them and then they have to be replaced.
I neglected to mention that I have the pup in a pen for her safety and the safety of others. I would like to ask that responders keep their answers to helpful information!

Telling me that “ALL those POS “invisible” fences are EXPENSIVE & utterly USELESS *&* DANGEROUS CRAP!!” is considered abuse of this helpful answer board thta yahoo has set up for people!

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Answer by GSDotch
I have used the buried invisible fences before (Innotex) – the most important thing about these is to train your dog properly. You have to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your dog respects the fence and will not run through it. However, some dogs are just not cut out for invisible fences. I once had a boxer that would sit in the electric field and let the collar shock him – you could literally see his entire neck jerking.

I have never had a problem with wires getting chewed through, though I’m sure that different areas of the country are different. Also, a slope on your lot shouldn’t make a difference. If your dog is adament about getting out, she will. If she learns how to run through it once, it will be hard to keep her from doing it again.

These types of fences are not the best for puppies and a real “fence” is always best. Plus, an invisible fence does not keep other dogs out of your yard. If you dog is not spayed, you will have every male dog in town in your yard. A real fence is always the safest.

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