Question by alias boxer: Do you ever run into conflict with others because of your “dog knowledge”?
I know it’s got to happen with others besides myself. Either with friends, family, or new acquaintances… do you ever get into conversations about dogs and end up sharing knowledge or giving sincere advice that offends the other person? Ever talked to someone about something dog-related, where you just had to keep your mouth shut in order to keep the conversation polite, or when you just plain can’t hold your tongue? Please share with me because I’d hate to be the only one that goes through this!

For instance, my mom has a 1 yr old “maltepoo” (whom she rescued, thank goodness) who barks at EVERYTHING. When this first started, I offered to help her with training, told her how to handle the barking, printed out articles from the internet that covered this topic… I felt like she refused to listen to me. One suggestion I made was to use a squirt bottle of water on the dog when she barked too much. My mom acted like it was cruel to get her wet all the time. A week later she bought the dog a shock collar (which she has never used, thank God). ???? Electric shock is more humane than a spray of water???? I just don’t get it.

A month ago I ran into a lady with a 1 yr old lab mix from a shelter. She told me that the dog was being fed “expensive food” (Science Diet) when she got it as a puppy, so she continues to buy that for her, and THAT is what keeps her coat so shiny. I kept my mouth shut for that one.

Just an hour ago I met someone at a friend’s house who is looking to breed his 2 yr old English Bulldog b*tch. This came up as I was telling everyone about my new puppy-sitting job with a 14-wk-old English Bulldog pup (male). When he said he had a female for breeding, I told him that the puppy I’m caring for is deaf. He said “So?” I said “It’s genetic.” He said, “Who cares?” So we got into it, and he ended up walking away from me without a word. What would you have done?
Thanks everyone for your replies.

I have learned, after many heated arguments with loved ones, that it’s best to keep my mouth shut. I’ve gotten into it with BF, my parents, my extended family, friends…. and finally given up. My mom’s “maltepoo” still drives her absolutely insane (I actually just gave her the “OK” on a new collar that vibrates instead of shocks, just to avoid a fight) and my BF is finally soaking in the reality of my “cancer trip” (when recently I did a lot or research on cancer in dogs after finding out that Caney is genetically predisposed to hemangiosarcoma). A few months ago when I was reading about cancer and sharing with BF and the roommate, they thought I was nuts. Two days ago Creek was diagnosed with a MCT. Wasn’t so crazy after all, was I??
As for the guy tonight — I explained to him how hard bulldogs are to breed, often requiring artificial insemination and C-sections. He said that “not all of them need that.” ?? OK I said, that’s true, not all of them need that. BUT it’s still risky. Then I asked him if he loved his dog. He said “yes.” I told him that breeding her would risk her life, and that breeding should be done out of love for the breed, NOT love for ones dog. Then I went on about my boxers, how wonderful and beautiful they are, and how I STILL would never put them through that (because I love them, because they haven’t been health tested or shown, etc). THAT is when he walked away, claiming that he had also done research that I had done, but still disagreed with what I was saying.

One last thing — his main reason for breeding her was because his family wanted a puppy from her. UGH.

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Answer by Wheaten Mom
If they ask, I’ll answer.

Otherwise, it’s like kids, no one wants to listen to advice.

I would have had a hard time with the breeding question- I mean for gosh sakes he’s putting his own dog at risk. (not even to mention the genetics of the thing!)

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