Will she come through the gate? She was trained within 3 days where the underground fence was. She was under a year old when I made the purchase. I did pay a little extra for the “Made for small dogs” one. I got it a PetSmart
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More info – www.squidoo.com The one and only Wireless Dog Fence! No underground wire required. It is easy, portable, and easy to use. I got a lot of positive reactions on this product, and i share them in my website above. www.squidoo.com Customer review below I recently bought this product, after trying a static training collar with small remote. While it worked well to begin the teaching of boundaries to my Siberian Husky, it still didn’t allow me to let her out unless I was right there. Now I have this. With the training she had with her collar, and training her on the boundaries, she turned around when she heard the collar beep, and won’t go out of the yard at all unless I’m with her. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.
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