Question by Sir Hoochalot: Do the results of “dog breed selectors” actually match what breed(s) you have?
The Animal Planet one is a good one. Do you results match what breed(s) you actually have?

Mine don’t. Greyhound, Golden Retriever and Wheaten Terriers are the ones that usually come up in my results but I have a Staffy cross (though I’ve always loved Goldens). One test actually told me bully breeds were the breeds I should avoid. Me and my boy do ok together so I guess it proves such tests are too simplistic not be relied on completely, certainly not over real research. Great as a guide, but I don’t think you should base your choice on what breed to get on one of these tests fully. They were wrong about me.
KellyO, that’s basically what I have just said. Did I not say in my question that those tests are not to be relied upon? I just want to know whether people have the breeds that, according to the test, they’re supposed to have.
It seems to me people are not reading the whole question here.

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Answer by KellyO
The breed selecter is just a general guideline. It gives you an idea of what may suit you based on the information you put in. If you live in an apartment and have a sedentary life style, but love Golden Retreivers, the program won’t pick that up.

It’s a good place to start, but nothing replaces doing your own research – or even asking questions here on Yahoo.

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