Question by : Do runts have “ticks” or can dogs have OCD?
I have a runt from a little of Shih Tzu’s. He is a year and a couple months old. I also have his brother, from the same litter. The runt weighs 6 pounds, and his brother is 18 pounds. I talked with others who adopted form the same litter, and all the pups are 15 pounds and up. We got the brothers form VERY good breeders, who had refs ready and everything, so that was not a problem, but my little boy seems to have a “tick”. He likes to nibble on fabric. Not chew, but just takes tiny nibbles. We took him to the vet, has his teeth checked, etc. They vet said he was perfectly healthy. I was reading up about runts, and most of them seem to have something they do. One was where this dog had a blanket it took everywhere, another had a set of baby(human baby) teething keys. Is this just the personality of my dog, or is it part of the breed, or is it because he is the runt? Or maybe it is a type of OCD?
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Answer by Jessie
dogs cant have ocd or any form of “tick” disorder. a runt is just wat it sounds like; a runt. runts r usually healthy but they differ developmentally. they weigh less, r generally weaker, and r more vulnerable to illness than the other puppies would be. but i’d just chalk it up to runtness. i had a runt kitten who was overly affectionate and who, upon spending a minute petting her, would lay down and start sucking her “thumb”. her other paw would stretch out real far and then put back and grip the blanket/my lap/watever she’s laying on. ur little runt is likely perfectly fine and just quirky. if u want to break the habit of nibbling on fabric, try to find a soft dog toy. dogs wont usually eat something willingly that isnt food, like fabric, plastic, cotton fill, etc (from toys). maybe there’s a place to buy dogs toys made from organic materials so in case he does swallow it, it wont harm him.

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