Question by My Klevra! Kevina’s 14 dys o: “Designer Dog Breeds” …?
Okay so I asked this question late last night (my time zone) and I thought I’d ask it again during the day for the other crowd. This all got started by a question about a Chocolate Foodle. I knew there were quite a few “designer dog breed” names, but I had no idea there were this many and I know the list isn’t even a complete list, as someone else last night proved that with the Shmuggle. Anyway… Here’s the breed registry, yep, it’s sick I know. It has 5 pages of listed “registerable breeds”.

I do not suggest reading these if you have anything liquid near your computer. Some are so flippin funny, they had me in tears.

Here’s a handful.

The Bossi Poo
The Bolonoodle
The Schneze
and The Crustie

What’s your fave funny ” Designer dog breed” name or attempt to make up your own. This is just for fun. I really think this whole cross breeding thing has gotten entirely out of hand. HAHA’s aside. It was quite educational.
*ADD* Dolphin thanks for the link. Here’s another “registry”.

What really bugs me is that these “breeds” have multiple names for the exact same cross. For instance a pug/beagle is a “Bugg” or a “Peagle” of a “Puggle” etc. etc.
We came up with one last night. A labrador/poodle/basset

We called it a bastordoodle.

Best answer:

Answer by Badwiring
I got a Rat Terrier/Beagle puppy and later found out it was called a Raggle…ha!

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