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On Oct. 31, 2011, Nashville’s ABC affiliate, WKRN-TV, aired a story on the Sanctuary’s elephant resident, Tarra, and her friendship with a stray dog named Bella. Read the original story here: bit.ly The unlikely duo of an elephant and a dog reminded each of us of the importance of loving one other, despite our differences. Bella trusted Tarra so completely she would let the great elephant stroke her stomach with her foot and caress her with her trunk. Bella and Tarra found sanctuary together in the Asian habitat of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee; swimming in ponds, exploring new paths, and resting side by side in the sunshine. Visit Bella’s tribute page, where we’ve shared memories of the time she spent at The Sanctuary: bit.ly Bella Tribute Video: bit.ly Video used with permission from WKRN-TV

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