Question by Matthew D Rises: Conservatives! What exactly do you mean when you speak of “encouraging responsible behaviors”?
I understand you think poverty, sickness etc. are the result of bad choices, and are therefore the fault of the individual(though I’m not sure how).
However when I hear about “encouraging responsible behaviors” and not “encouraging irresponsible behaviors” I don’t know what you mean?
Is it something like letting the dog go hungry till he “learns” to like his dog food?
Or is it like sacrificing a few unfortunate souls to serve as an “example/warning” to everyone else?

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Answer by The Commie Basher
No more like giving incentive to those that have good lifestyles the same way some car insurances give bonuses to safe drivers. I know you’re too stark raving stupid to figure out anything from putting your pants on in the morning to political matters but you know that’s why you asked us right? Good question man

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