Question by Charlotte: Clicker training for dogs?
I have a hyper active not too well trained dachshund mix … who is very stubborn but very smart when it comes to listening and training.

I started clicker training him and so far hes been doing pretty well…
but when i back up with treat in hand and clicker in the other to try to get him to stand after sit he’ll just move forward with his butt. i went on for about 5 minutes with this “technique” that all the books and videos told me to do… but he still wouldnt. so before i became to frustrated i stopped.

hes started to get VERY hyper and bites my fingers for food after about 3 minutes of clicker training…and he wont really focus.

why is he getting SO excited???
and biting my fingers???

ive been doing the clicks on time, or at least as accurate as possible (since this is my first time clicker training)
its only been ONE day.
so i can’t expect much.

he was doing really well
and hes learned to lay down
but he’ll keep going on his side to get the treat instead of just face down…
i dunno… what to do?

hell just get too excited after 3 mins to the point of biting my hands and fingers to get treats
and running in circles.

VERY frustrating…

any tips?

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Answer by Loki my springer!
Taking a step back isn’t necessarily going to get your dog into a standing position.

You need to be fully of excitement yet have that stern feel about you. This time try an, Ok, up you get, in a really demanding, higher than usual pitched voice. The dog will immediately noticed something different and take stance. Click and reward.

Scheduling your training arrangements should also really set you off on the right foot. Don’t ever leave a training sessions on a bad note.

Even if you have to sit him down and reward, so be it. This leaves you with more chance of the dog ready and focused for your next lesson. After each session, take him out on a play so he learns that training is work, play is afterwards.

Remeber to give rewards for the smallest things and never rush your dog through. You are bound to end up with nothing but an agressive disaster in the end.

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