Question by nova_queen_28: Choosing the right dog breed?
I’ve looked online at some of those “dog breed selector” quizes and I’m a tad skeptical. I’d love some advice from experienced folks on how you chose the particular breed of dog that you have? That is IF you went looking for a particular breed.

I’m usually the go to the pound/shelter and take the animal nobody else wants – and I’ve had good & bad outcomes with that (of course, I’ve loved them all and given them the best life I could!). But now that I’m married my husband wants to “pick” a dog and I need to take his feelings into consideration.
Adopting a mixed breed from a shelter isn’t out of the realm of possibilites, but my hubby is really putting alot of effort into learning about breeds and choosing one (something I’ve truthfully never done – I’ve always rescued the animal that needed me most at the time).

And when we discuss the matter, the two of us seem to come up with the exact opposite types of dogs that we feel would be good in our household.
While we realize breed traits are not always exact and every dog is an individual, we are using the traits as a guideline.
So, for those of you who picked a particular dog breed, how did you find the right one for you?
I don’t know who is giving the thumbs downs, but its not me.

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Answer by bugsy
I suggest you ask this question again, but outlining your lifestyle and timetables. That way, the experts amongst us will have a good idea of what to suggest. Personally, I have Boxers and I think they’re the best, but I’m the first to admit that they need a lot of time, effort and training!

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