Choosing A Dog

The majority of people who choose a puppy or dog act on impulse, few maybe lucky and end up with a dog that’s just right, one that fits into their life well, is responsive, and easy enough to handle and train. To make an intelligent choice of what kind of dog will fit into your particular life style best you need to know something about the outstanding characteristics of various breeds.

The best source for a first dog is a reliable breeder. A good breeder will not only provide you with the choice of healthy, temperamentally sound puppies, but will help you make an intelligent decision regarding your choice of dog. Its in the best interest of any professional breeder to maintain a good reputation and this can only be done by consistently arranging successful pet owner matchings.

 Consider a small dog if you live in an apartment or if your house has a small yard. A small dog needs little exercise. A small dog can usually get all the exercise it needs if it has the run of an apartment and is taken for walks outside. Larger dogs need more space. Small dogs eat less. Giant dogs often need as much food as an adult human being and therefore are more expensive to feed. Dogs with short hair usually need little grooming, long-haired dogs need more. Some breeds such as a Poodle will need extensive grooming, especially if the dog participates in shows. Give seriously consideration to the needs of your dog and as a dog owner whether you’ll be able to meet those needs

 Dogs are highly social animals and they need the company of people, other animals, or both. If you do not have the time to invest in your dog and give it the care and attention it deserves than you should select a pet that is less demanding. Caring for your dog is an essential aspect of dog ownership. After your sure that you can give a dog a good home and the quality care it deserves you should then decide on what kind of dog would be best for you.

Be aware of your responsibilities as a dog owner. Your dogs overall health and happiness, could very well rest on you and the choice you make. Choose a dog that will suit you, your personality, and your life style best.

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When choosing a dog daycare center, make sure that the center has enough employees to handle all of the dogs contained within. Discover the importance of cleanliness and vaccinations when choosing a dog daycare center withhelp from a professional dog groomer in this free video on dog daycare centers. Expert: Victoria Calvin Contact: Bio: Victoria Calvin is a professional dog groomer in Miami, and the owner of Splish-n-Splash Mobile Pet Grooming. She is a member of the National Dog Groomers Association. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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