Question by eschewdefeat: Cats: A question about their “psychology”?
Does your cat exhibit a specific reaction to particular friends of yours? Mine seems to have a very unique and clear response to at least 3 particular friends of mine. Is this common with cats? I thought only dogs did that.
I picked up this cat from a shelter for my uncle a few years ago. After my uncle died “Rufus” came to live with me. He’s now a 24 lb. orange tabby/Maine coon cat. He scares some of my friends. But there are three he really likes and will play with, take food from or sit with to be petted. Even brushed!

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Answer by Citla1012
Yes it is normal and if they feel a weird vibe they will show it almost immediately.
I think cats specially are very sensitive to people’s vibes… even more than dogs because dogs are friendly most times.

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