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Q&A: What does chicken meal and barley do in dog food?

Question by Bordered: What does chicken meal and barley do in dog food?
I was looking at my dog food brand and the first ingredients are Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley and Chicken Fat. I was wondering if barley and chicken meal is terrible in dog food, and what it is and does for the dog, I don’t know if I’m confusing chicken meal or chicken by product meal, or if it is the same thing? I also don’t know what barley is doing in dog food and is it harmful for the dogs stomachs?

Best answer:

Answer by firefly_in_nh
Barley and chicken meal are considered “higher quality ingredients.” Although barley is considered better for your dog than some other ingredients, whether it should be fed to your dog depends on who you ask. Same goes for chicken meal and chicken by-product meal. To understand whether these ingredients are good or bad for your dog, it helps to understand what the terms in the ingredients mean and how your dog digests them.
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How do you get a dog used to an electric fence?

Question by Owlmaid: How do you get a dog used to an electric fence?
We’ve decided to put up an electric fence to keep our dog from running the streets. Her name is Molly, female, and she weighs about 20pds. When she sees something she just BOLTS after it and I’m afraid what an electric fence would do to her if she did that.
Any tips on how to show her the electric fence?

Best answer:

Answer by Tony’sJeanius
Dogs have to “learn” the rules of the electric fence. (mostly visually), however, ,,,,,and despite the shitpoints coming….it’s a Lazy Joes way out. Cruel as well.
Think about the concept.
Late Entry : the idea of “invisible fence” equals to poking a legless person with a stick.

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Question by GunnyCee: How does Organic pet food help my pet live longer? Is there a difference between Organic and all natural food?
I have been thinking about feeding my dog Organic pet foods, then I see something called “all natural foods.” What is the difference if any?

Best answer:

Answer by Alice
Organic means grown without herbicides or pesticides. All natural means everything in it is natural… eg. a plant, animal or grain.

Pesticides are made to kill things… anyone who thinks they can kill the bugs and weeds but are perfectly safe to consume should really think about it. I know they are consumed in minute quantities, but over time I tend to wonder why we have so much more cancer and immunodeficiency ailments these days such as asthma and severe allergies.

Whichever you go with be sure it is a good quality animal diet… as far as cost goes you are better off buying a grain free (or at lease wheat and corn free) diet over an organic diet with wheat or corn in the top 5 ingredients. If you can afford an organic grain free diet…then your pup is one lucky dog!

Wheat and corn are much harder on your animal than the small amount of pesticides are…

And this is coming from someone who buys organic LOTS and truely understands the difference.

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