We received Canine Calm from Earth Heart Inc. here at dayspetreviews. They make different holistic sprays to help with common anxiety and fear issues that your dog may be experiencing. Scarlett is quite jittery and fearful of many different things so I figured that Canine Calm would be our best option. They also make a spray, Guard Well, that helps with skin issues which Scarlett has plenty of. I am probably going to purchase that. I love anything natural and holistic for my babies so I am a huge fan of the products! This video shows me explaining the different products that Earth Heart offers, as well as explaining how to use the product. Stay tuned to check out our full review of Canine Calm. Until then, check out the Earth Heart website to see the different products that they offer! Our Website: www.dayspetreviews.com Check us out on Facebook: www.facebook.com Earth Heart Website: earthheartinc.com Earth Heart Facebook Page: www.facebook.com Disclaimer: Vicki from Earth Heart was very kind and sent me this product for review purposes. I am not being paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest as always.

www.petsbest.com Dr. Caldwell answers dog health questions from the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page. In this video, she talks about a dog who loves to eat eggs and another who won’t stop chewing his dewclaws.

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