Question by LdySha: Can someone tell me where to find information on the “natural behavior” of dogs?
I am wanting to read about dogs and their natural instincts. I’ve tried every search engine I can think of and rearranged the wording many times.. The results are always “how train your dog” or Ceaser’s website, etc.. I am just wanting to read about dogs and their natural behaviors, How they would behave if they were in “packs” or “undomesticated”.

Thanks all for any help you can provide..
O my goodness… Thank You All So Much! Your answers are exactly what I was looking for!

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Answer by Deecat
There’s this fantastic book I read a few years ago. It’s called “How To Speak Dog” and it compares the behavior and psychology of companion dogs with that of their wild counterparts.

It explains a lot of their pack hierarchy and body-language, etc.

As far as internet goes… take anything you read with a grain of salt!!

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