Question by bells *Ignorance is Bliss*: Can someone please explain to me…Who in the hell are “Dog Behaviorists”?
There are trainers….understandable. Someone with years of experience in training dogs, getting results and understanding what makes a dog “tick”…so to speak!

To me a “dog behaviorist” is a bunch of bull sh$t. If you are THAT good, call yourself a Trainer, and move on!

PS… Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Ha ha…A doggie psychologist so to speak? That’s freking hilarious…
@AngelWolf….A good dog Trainer knows and understands dogs…so once again….why the need for a behaviorist?
@Greek…Muffy is feeling rather blue today…I’m going to holla at you later and get a referral to a great dog behaviorist ;) lol
LMAO Launi!

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Answer by UHave2BeKiddingMe
You go girl!!!!!

Dog Behviorist is a Bunny Hugger term in my opinion, because the bunny huggers do not want to actually “train” their dog, cause then he might not like them.

Remember real training is just not touchy feely enough for these folks. Give the dog a cookie for everything he does, bribe the dog, but do not train them.

Dog Behaviorist ranks on my list right next to Animal Communicators.

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