Question by Lynda: Can I own a dog in no-pet public housing if it is a requirement for school?
If anyone has any experience…I live in no pet public housing. I am about to start school to become a certified dog trainer and the only “supplies” needed are to bring your own dog. I do have a documented disability (emotional) and am receiving aid to return to school from a state agency which helps people with disabilities. I was able to enroll in a two year animal behavior and training program and just found out, I need to have a dog. I thought about borrowing someones dog to take to classes,, but the reality is I will need to work with the dog on a daily basis (homework) and using someone else’s dog seems almost impossible. Are there any laws requiring the ownership of dogs for work or educational purposes??? I can go the emotional support route and do have a doctor willing to write a letter, but I would prefer to not have to disclose my disability. If anyone has any knowledge, the information would be appreciated. I don’t want to cause trouble or ask for special circumstances unless absolutely necessary.

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Answer by gafpromise
Can you get help from the agency who referred you to public housing? You could explain to them that you are pursuing educational goals which will result in gainful employment, and for that purpose you need to own and train an animal. They could maybe intervene on your behalf, or find you another living situation that allows animals.

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