Question by Gypsy: can a dog choose to be an “Outside dog”?
Okay I know this sounds like a really dumb question but I was sitting here thinking of my dog Gypsy Queen [she 1 year] (the middle dog in my avatar) and how she loves to be outside. Our 3 dogs are all, for the most part, indoor dogs. We have a doggy door and they are free to come an go as they please. We live on a Worm Farm (yeah google it) an its on 2 acres of fenced in land which is mostly dirt and grass. It like a doggy wonder land, for our dogs anyway. Anyways Gypsy will spend at least 85% of the day outside during the day even on rainy days which is why we have to monitor her when she goes out because she wont come back in. If the doggy door is blocked, which we do if our gates open or if someone is coming over/leaving or if its raining, she will sit there with her nose pushed up agents the door until we move it and its to the point where she is learning how to push the doggy door cover up. She hates being in the house for more than a few hours at a time. I just find this so odd. She loves people and loves being with people and if I go outside with her she wants to play. I dont think she anti social or anything. She trys to play with the neighbors dogs.
She is nothing like my other 2 dogs, Chopper the “big bad Dobie mix guard dog” who runs into the house and barks from the window when someone comes over and wont go outside if its too cold and Baxter the 5lbs poodle.
Okay Im sorry for rambling, report me if you want to but my question is can a dog choose to want to be an outdoor dog? Is it okay to let her spend some much time outside, she’d sleep out there if I let her. Did we (my family and I) do something wrong when she was a puppy to make her want to be outside all the time? Am I reading way to much into this? (Probably)

Gypsy, at best guess, is a Ridgeback/Corgi mix with maybe Lab. And I love all my dogs, I feel like i kind of played the other 2 off but I love them. Their all wonderful dogs.
As of right now shes been outside, by herself, for 4 hours. She came in once to get water and went back out lol.

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Answer by Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS
Some dogs just would rather be outside, Just make sure she has some sort of shelter from the elements and access to clean water

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