Caged Love: Suburban Dogs and the Crate Training Conspiracy

We buy our dogs rhinestone collars and call them our “babies”, yet many suburban owners lock dogs and puppies in crates in their homes for 18-23 hours each day while many dog industry experts and special interests, motivated by Billion in greed, persuade America that “dogs love crates”. In Caged Love canine psychology and home dog training experts Ray & Emma Lincoln reveal how excessively many owners cage their dogs, the fact crate training is not the best or fastest way to housetrain pupp

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Price: $ 17.50

Dog Crate Training E-Book – How to Crate Train

Dog Crate Training E-Book is the complete guide to crate training your dog. Information include: How to Crate Train, Using your crate for Housebreaking, Protection, Recovery and Travel. Also included are: Tips on choosing a crate, Cleaning your crate, methods of crate training and when it’s inappropriate to use a crate. What dogs do best living in a dog crate, How to train older dogs and what accessories are available for your dog crate.

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