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A dog is certainly man’s best friend. This is why you need to take extra care while choosing a dog collar. Today, the market is filled with various varieties of collars for different dogs. It is no longer regarded as a ‘just a strap around the neck’ but an accessory that gives a dog a personality. As a fashion statement dog collars are gaining popularity because owners like their dogs to look as fashionable as they are. Before you go ahead and buy a collar for your dog, spend a little time to find out all you can about the product. This way you can make an intelligent choice, which not only suits your pocket but one, which will be comfortable to your dog.

The most important factor in buying a dog collar is your dog. The kind of collar you buy largely depends on the breed of dog and its quality and color of its fur. Ideally you would want a collar that makes your dog look good. For smaller breeds you have the option of using brighter colors like pink or purple. For large and fiercer dogs, these colors would not compliment the dog’s nature. Therefore, blacks, browns and reds are more popular for larger breeds.

The next important factor to keep in mind is your dog’s temperament. Some dogs are more docile than others. Thus they do not require a high intensity collar. However, dogs in training would probably need pinch or choke collars. You need to be very careful about selecting these collars because extensive pressure can harm the overall health of the dog. The safest dog collars are the ones with buckles and those with a quick release mechanism. They do not cause your dog any discomfort. Owners with more obedient and trained dogs can afford to use these collars.

If you are a beach lover or if you have a pool at home then it is wise to get a nylon collar. It is best suited for dogs that are around water a lot. The most important factor to remember is how well the collar fits on your dog. Ensure that it is not too tight to choke or discomfort the dog. Experts say that there should be atleast two-finger space between the collar and the neck. If the collar is too loose the dog might be able to get it over its head in no time. This defeats the purpose of a dog collar. Today there is a wide choice of products to choose from. Electronic dog collars range from 0 and 00. You can get a collar and leash set which match in color.

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