Buy a Dog Bed Like a Pro – 5 Things to Consider Before Buying

I remember buying a new dog bed for my little puppy many years ago. But unfortunately, I also remember having to go buy another dog bed only months later because the first bed was no longer suitable for my dog. I was immature in my buying ways, and I did not consider the key factors I should have.

So I am writing this article so that no one will make the same mistakes I did. After having dogs for many years, I have figured out 5 things you should think about before you purchase a bed for your dog.

Number 1

Does your dog sleep curled up or stretched out? This is a determining factor when it comes to buying your dog a bed. If your dog sleeps stretched out, then you would want to get a bigger bed to compensate for their legs being stretched out.

Number 2

How old is your dog? Older dogs have aching bones and will need an extra comfortable bed. If you have the money, you might want to consider getting your dog an orthopedic bed. If you do, your dog will surely love you.

Number 3

Does your dog live inside or outside? If your dog lives outside then you definitely do not want to get a bed that could be ruined by inclement weather.

Number 4

Does your dog like to sleep on your couch? If they do, you might want to think about getting them a couch bed. Not only will they love it, but then you will have control of your couch again.

Number 5

Is your dog still in a chewing phase of its life? If so, you probably want to stay away from beds that are stuffed with cotton material. I remember my puppy tearing her first bed into pieces. And the worst thing about it was having to pick up every little piece of cotton that was scattered across the floor.

So be sure and think about these 5 things when you go to buy bed for your dog. It may save you from having to buy another bed down the road.

Good Luck

John W


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