Question by Tyler: Blue Buffalo Wilderness?
Hello. If memory serves you well, you may remember that I asked a question a few weeks ago. I said that my grandparents are the owners of two pugs that were fed “Purina dog crap”! Anyway, I’ve managed to convince them to change the food! We have been looking at “Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food” and are wondering if this food would be good for two pugs? I’ve heard stories that dog food like Blue Wilderness is too protein-rich for small dogs like pugs. If it isn’t, then great! I’ll close this question quickly. But if it is, then I could use some recommendations of Blue Buffalo dog food. And sorry to ask, but how long would a 24-30 pound bag of Wilderness last two pugs? I’m just trying to knock out two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean.
The dogs are a little overweight, at about 22-23 pounds each. The one that weighs the most is a runt!
Can you find the small breed pet food at Petsmart? That’s the only pet store that carries BB in my area.

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Answer by Keith
I can’t tell you of small breeds but I have two Pitts and seven hounds on bluebuffalo. During hunting season I add Wilderness to the buffalo for more protein. So maybe looking at this it may help you decide.

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