Best Dog Training Book ? How a Massive E-Course Improved My Dog’s Behavior

Are you looking for the best dog training book?

Alright here’s the news, there is no such thing as the best dog training book. You see, most dog training books place heavy emphasis on theory and only provide presumptive information which is something that we dog owners should avoid.

You know, when it comes to training a dog, I recommend obtaining information that focuses on both theory and practical with more emphasis on the latter.  Once, I heard people raving positively about a certain dog obedience training book and some even went as far as citing it as the “the best dog training book”…

Well, yeah right!

As it turns out, the book was actually quite mediocre as it contained too many filler information and lacked step-by-step guide on how to shape a dog’s behavior, how to teach basic obedience commands, housetraining, dog leash training instructions etc.

These things are very important but most dog training books don’t deliver such information in an easy-to-follow fashion…

But there is a simple solution however!

See, my black lab Cheeku used to be a pretty stubborn customer. Very hard to train her! So after spending God only knows how many hours reading this so-called best dog training book, I deduced that in order to train Cheeku effectively, I must refer to training material that contains step-by-step instructions and photos along with videos.

That’s right my friend! You can’t go wrong if you have this sort of training material at your disposal.

So to keep a long story short, I came across a complete e-course package that teaches owners how to train and shape acceptable behaviors in their dogs with the aid of very cheap little metal box called clicker.

Problem solved!

Well, not immediately mind you. However the e-course is extremely helpful because it offers a decent overview on the principles of clicker training along with beginner-friendly practical instructions.

I discovered about 30 different behavior training methods thanks to this massive e-course. I’m on method #12 right now and Cheeku is really enjoying our training sessions.

Now, my one piece of advice here is to seek guidance from courses that offers both easy to follow step-by-step instructions and videos to help you train your dog better and faster. Quit searching for that “best dog training book” because they simply do not exist.

Alright so, once you go through the aforesaid e-course (downloadable to your computer), you will not only know how to train your dog using a clicker, but will also get him to do whatever you want thanks to the intensive behavior shaping strategies outlined in the course.

Speaking of behavior shaping techniques, please refer to the following external material link to check out a step-by-step guide (with detailed photos) that explains how to train your dog or puppy using a clicker. Videos are also included and best viewed on broadband connection.

External Material: Clicker Training Academy Guide

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