Here we go, the final episode. *takes a deep breath* ~Justin~ My mom placed her hand on my shoulder. “Justin, we’ve got to go.” I looked once more at Hayley’s beautiful face, she slowly waved goodbye. I waved back and slowly stepped backwards in the directions of my jet. I turned around and started walking properly with my mom. I can’t believe this has happened; Scooter is in trouble because of me. I’ve been such a jerk to everyone. If it wasn’t for Hayley who knew what would’ve happened with me next. My mom and I walked outside and stood by the steps that lead to my jet. Kenny was standing by the door. “Hey Justin.” He walked down the stairs and we did a random hand shake. “You ready to go?” I nodded and sighed. Kenny took my stuff off of me and took it up onto the jet. My mom then walked up the steps and I followed. I scratched the back of my neck and drew my hand down to my dog tag chains. I had two of them. I suddenly froze at the bottom of the steps as an idea came to my mind. My mom turned around as she reached the top of the steps and looked at me confused. “Justin, what’s wrong?” “I… I have to go back.” I jumped off the steps. “Justin! We need to go!” My mom yelled annoyed. “I’ll be back in a sec!” I yelled back and ran back into the airport and looked around. I tried to find Hayley but I couldn’t see her. But then I saw my beautiful brunette, hugging her parents and walking towards the exit. “HAYLEY!” I yelled running towards her. She immediately turned around
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