Question by redrum5785: Basset Hound owners – what is it like?
Wife and I are deciding on what breed to get. Basset is #1 on the list, followed by Labrador and Golden Retriever (all friendly dogs, all generally okay with cats). I am an experienced dog owner, wife is not. Two things of concern: difficult to housebreak and “recurring health problems”. For those that own Basset Hounds, what has been your experience, both positive and negative? Thanks

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Answer by Julie D.
I have owned them in the past, and the ones I had didn’t have any of the health problems you might see outside of a couple of ear infections. I agree that they are stubborn and hard to train, but going into that already knowing allows you to not have great expectations right off the bat. I’ve found them to be gentle and comical dogs, not really lazy but not that active either. Ours use to get the occasional spurt of energy, have the *zommies* as most dog people call it. They do tend to have a *houndy* odor, and some are worse than others. Believe it or not, none of the 3 we had were droolers, which I don’t think is very common. They especially stink when wet and they also shed a ton. Our dogs loved other dogs, cats and people of all ages and were not as vocal as most. Our oldest Basset, a spayed b*tch lived to be 12. She had a mass on her spleen that had ruptured, and the cancer had already spread to other parts of her body by the time this was diagnosed. I personally think they are a great first time dog, but like stated, they aren’t the easiest to housebreak. Crate training helps a ton, as it does with any breed. One thing you’ll HAVE to get use to, is to clean their ears regularily….once a week at LEAST.

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