Barking dog alerts resident to burglar breaking into neighbor’s home
UNION, Ky. – A burglary suspect is under arrest thanks to an alert resident and her barking dog. Dispatchers received a call from a Union resident around 3 a.m. after she woke up to her dog barking and witnessed a man entering her neighbor’s garage.
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Barking dog ordinance upsets people of Lebanon
The ordinance would allow dogs and their owners to be punished due to excessive barking or unruly behavior.
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White Pine County Sheriff’s Blotter Report
Aug. 16 REPORT OF AN OPEN DOOR: City – officer located an open door on a local business establishment. The business was checked and the door secured.
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Police can seize barking dogs that are a nuisance
“Dear Red Phone, my neighbor’s dogs are driving me insane and it’s not getting any better. Is there a way to obtain documents about the consequences of an excessive barking dog or any documents the city may have so I can show it to my neighbors so maybe they’ll start paying more attention to their pets?” Red Phone: Dear Fed Up With the Barking, yes there is way to obtain those documents. Go to …
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