– Raw Food Dog Diet Here’s my promise to you: in the few minutes, I am going to reveal a way for you to reverse your dog’s unhealthy looking coat of hair, remove them from expensive deworming and vaccinations, relieve their joint pains and reverse their chronic diarrhea ALL without the use of high priced premium or commercial dog foods. The fact of the matter is that overly-processed food isn’t very good for your dog’s digestive system or his or her overall health…kinda like in humans. Most people will lie to you and tell you that these types of medical conditions cannot be reversed without medications. They want you to pay and arm and a leg for expensive foods and drugs. They would have you believe that medication is the answer to all your dogs problems. People have got it all wrong… Let me reveal the truth to you; dogs have been eating raw meat since the dawn of time! I mean come on, people try and tell you that the harmful bacteria in raw meat will hurt your dog’s stomach but that simply isn’t true. Dogs do not have the digestive system to cope with grains. In fact, grains are one of the biggest source of allergies for dogs and commercial dog foods are loaded with them! The answer is simple; Dogs have the capability to eat a raw food diet just fine. We consider our dogs to be more civilized, so therefore we feed them more civilized food even if it is more expensive and less healthy for them. The solution is a type of raw food diet that reduces heart disease
Video Rating: 3 / 5 Bullmastiff Jodi, the biggest dog in the challenge, loses 21 pounds with Purina’s 90 day diet and exercise plan which includes fun home activities in their horse rink. Follow Purina veterinarians for the best nutrition and exercise solutions for your dog. Purina Project Pet Slim Down was made possible by Purina Veterinary Diet.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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