Question by Leigh: Are there any good clicker training dog tricks out there?
I trained my dog to sit and high five with the a dog clicker. I really want to do more. Any easy-medium difficulty tricks I can teach my dog?

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Answer by Wishapup
Well, start with all the other basics before you teach tricks: Come, Heel, Lie Down, Stay, and Drop it.
AFTER that you can move on to fun commands. After you’ve taught the basics, here are some easy/medium but great tricks to clicker-train:
Spin (turn 360 degrees in a counter-clockwise direction)
Twirl (turn 360 degrees in a clockwise direction)
Turn off/on the light switch
Jump (providing she is 18 months or older)
Balance a treat on her nose
Roll over
Play dead
Get the phone when it rings
Follow a scent trail to a hidden object
Stand (stand on all four paws)
Balance, Sit, and Spin on a small crate
Target (touch something with his/her nose)
Shake a paw
Mark (touch something with his/her paw)
Go through a tunnel
Those are the first easy/medium clicker-training tricks I can think of. I hope they will be helpful to you!
Good luck and have fun!:)

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