Question by : Are The Dog Treat “Pig Ears” Bad For Your Dog?
Okay, so my puppy is 15 – 16 weeks old now. My mom was told about the treat Pig Ears. We got 1 just to try and see how they agreed with his stomach and bowels. The first pig ear was great. No loose bowels or puking because of them. He seems to digest them fine. There a very good treat because he’s a pretty bad chewer, so they keep him busy. Takes him about all day to finish one with the breaks, walks, bathroom, kennel things like that. I don’t know much about the dog treat but I just read up online about them and apparently they’re high in fat, which can cause issues in dogs.
-How many should he have a week? He’s about 10 pounds if that makes a difference.
-Are they bad for him? He’s not showing any bowel issues or stomach issues.
-Should we keep giving them to him?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Answer by Labman
Yes, they are high in fat and excess fat is bad for dogs. But that is a long term problem. Short term is tearing off a piece and bolting it down and blocking the dog’s airway or intestines. Keep a close eye on chew toys and quickly discard anything that is coming apart in pieces. Rawhide is especially bad because it swells after being swallowed. I don’t trust any of the consumable chews. The dogs just gnaw them down to a dangerous size too quickly.

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