Question by ♥ PrincessLeia ♥: Anyone In the HIGH POINT NC and surounding area….we are looking for a LOST DOG!!!!!?
WE are looking for a Small Chihuahuah/rat Terrirer Mix. He is Brown, is fixed, and has an underbite! No Colar. No Id Chip. Missing since 6-5-07. Last possible sighting was on the 311bypass. If you have any information please contact me. There is a picture of Max on my Yahoo 360 page!

Also if you have any ideas in how to look for a SMALL lost dog, that info is welcome as well.
We have searched web sites, postered everything, called vets/shelters/animal control/other animal related places in our county and surounding counties. WE HAVE HAD NO WORD AT ALL! If you know of any websites other then “petfinder” or “fido finder” please leave a link to that as well.
Any help is welcome no matter how small!

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Answer by ALM
i’m sorry about your dog. maybe an ad in your local paper, and drop of a flyer with his photo that maybe local vets will post. You may want to post flyers at grocery stores and such if they have an area for community postings. good luck.

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