Question by crzycoookies: Anyone have any ideas for seasonal allergies in dogs?
Last year, my dog had several skin issues. We cleared them up at the vet’s with antibiotics and the vet said they were all due to “flea allergies”. Well, my dog is getting hot spots again, on his back. I have checked him up and down for fleas and flea dirt, and he is on a high quality dog food that has not been changed since last fall. He did not itch at all during winter. Does anyone have any advice on controlling itching without the use of steroids?

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Answer by Scroodover2
Our vet told us to give our dog benedryl. It helps, but makes him sleep alot. Ask your vet about it. You have to give the proper dose for the dog’s weight. Oatmeal shampoo and creme rinse helps some, too. If all else fails, there are doggy dermatologists.

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