Question by Yin: Any suggestions on names for my book?
ok im writing a book named “Wolf’s Run” and i’ve already named 10 out of 16 character’s and these are the ones i need names for.

ok the first one is a girl wolf that’s mystical and full of wonder.

the 2nd one is another girl wolf that’s quiet but very intellagent

the 3rd one is another girl dog that’s popular but is nice to unpopular kids

the 4th one is a guy wolf and hes a loner very quiet

the 5th one is a guy wolf and hes a more playful person who cheers a sad friend up

and last but not least is a guy dog who is hansome and caring and is always there to save you
and they have to be exotic like Rin or Yin or Kiba or Zsumea and no im not using these names because i already used them in another story im writing.
oh i just noticed um the (?) is know any names for my characters for my book?
they are wolf people NOT WEREWOLVES they are people who turn into wolves.LIKE I SAID NOT WEREWOLVES.werewolves are bigger these are normal size wolves
Thx Dancergirl

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Answer by author_observer
Are they dogs, wolves, or people…?

And please don’t say they’re werewolves because then you have a whole different story genre…

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