Question by kissy: Any organizations out there interested in helping abused animals in third world countries?
I live in the Philippines and it is not easy being a dog lover here.The number of stray, pin-thin, mangy dogs roaming the streets is horrendous. “Pounds” are cruel, they euthanize dogs through electrocution! Even the Manila Zoo is horrible! Rat infested and the animals like lions, bears haven’t any pools to swim in. We have a local Animal welfare society but they are just not enough to help all the animals. I recently adopted a dog off the streets. He was full of scabies, anemic, had demodex mites, swollen lymph nodes, and was in poor shape. I nursed him to health (plus a lot of vet bills) and now he is a beautiful 6 month old doggie, companion to my nine year old minipin. I just want to know if there is any organization out there that would be willing to do something to help! I can only do so much on my own.

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Answer by greyfluffykitty
I’m not part of an organization but I can offer some advice…

I’m sure you are not the only one in the Philippines or even your local area who feels this way. Talk to people. Set up things on the internet such as a Philippines animal welfare myspace page. Write to your government and state your concerns about the welfare of the animals. If you can gather enough people you may be able to start a little organization. It will be pricey and it may have to start out small. Just getting a few animals neutered and rabies may be a good start.

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