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Funny Video: Barbie Pooping Dog, Barbie Fail Toys. It’s Barbie and Tanner in this funny lol video Fail Toys Product Review Video . MY TWITTER www.twitter.com In This Funny Video, Barbie Dog Tanner Poops and Eats his Poops Again! The “Funniest Video Ever” by Funny FAIL Toys Video Reviewer Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia Jeepers Media. Just when you thought you had seen EVERY Funny version of the Barbie Doll, out Comes the Hilarious Barbie and Pooping Dog Tanner! It’s Barbie with a Pooping Farting Diarrhea Dog, But what FUN , Barbie feeds the poops BACK to Tanner as Treats. Very Funny “Role Model Barbie” Certain to be a Rare Barbie Collectible in the future. If you Love Barbie, Then Watch this Funny Poop Filled video.I’ll have another Funny video of the Barbie funny Peeing Cat on in a few days!! Mattel Makes the LMAO Pooping Dog Now!

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