Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: After seeing the recent rash of puppies for sale I wonder, does the average person do research b4 buying a dog?
I mean, really? I have seen postings on craigslist or other sites “rehoming” pure bred puppies and they don’t really look anything like bred standard.

I understand, a “cute” puppy is just that, a cute puppy, but is that a reason to buy one?

I also read a listing about a 9 month old unaltered male min pin that was being “rehomed” because they wanted a puppy with lower energy levels. Ummmm……

So what do you think?

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Answer by Jashebe
Nope, they don’t do any research.

I don’t go to craigslist, nor will I ever, at least not for a living creature. A car, maybe. If you want to give money to a bona fide adoption center, rehoming center, rescue, etc. adopt from one of them.

95% of these puppies are from pet stores, and of course they DON’T have a return policy. The others are from BYBs or someone who carelessly allowed their dog to breed and gave the puppies away.

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