Why Choose California Dog Fence?

  1. Your pet craves fresh air the freedom to run and play.
  2. Your pet could use some more exercise.
  3. You may not have any fence or pet containment system to keep your dog, cat or other pet safe.
  4. Your regular fence isn't keeping your dog, cat or other pet in your yard or on your property.
  5. You may already have an Invisible Fence® and you are not satisfied with the product or service.*
  6. You prefer to do business with a local company, not a dominant chain.
  7. You may have heard about our great products and service.
  8. You recognize that there IS an important quality difference between China manufacturing and American manufacturing.
  9. How about our REVOLUTIONARY training method, developed by Rich Weinssen, which has taken the whole industry by storm? 

Until 2001, the containment industry manufacturers advocated use of relatively high levels of shock, during early phases of fence training. All of the top 6 manufacturers in 2001 were recommending that the first correction felt by a dog be a very strong level.

Rich Weinssen, owner of Hidden Fence Company in Northern New Jersey began teaching a now accepted approach using very low levels of shock to introduce new information. Joining together with the International Association of Canine Professionals, he went on to create study materials and the basic and advanced testing certification programs. 

In facing down a long held belief in this industry, Rich met with some predictable resistance. "Gentle training reduces stress and allows our pets to learn more quickly. He expected other manufacturers to 'get it' by a year or two after introducing the Low Stress method of training. It surprises him still that there are pockets of old school resistance."

We keep your pets safe, happy and at home. Compare our references and you will see we have been doing just that for the last 10 years. 

*Ask about our great trade in pricing on Invisible Fence® and other brands of pet containment.We are not associated with Invisible Fence®, but several of our veterinarian clients have traded in Invisible Fence® and other brand systems. Now, we offer batteries and dog fence collars compatible with most industry-wide pet fence products for less!   

Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and San Diego  

*CALIFORNIA DOG FENCE provides manufacturer warranties only on Pet Stop® brand products. California Dog Fence sells and or services all other brands of pet containment only as an independent contractor, including all product upgrades, exchanges, trade-ins and replacements.    

*Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies. Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Company, a division of Radio Systems Corp, PetSafe® is also a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corp. CaliforniaDogFence.com is not associated with Invisible Fence® or PetSafe®