Question by woobegone: A dog house-training method?
Our puppy, although she is getting a bit better, still does her business inside, especially in our bedrooms, mostly when we are away at school and forget to shut our doors. One of my mother’s students who is a dog trainer has told her that the most effective way to “potty-train” the dog is,when you find their poop or pee, instead of yelling at the dog/rubbing her face in it, it is best (this is gonna sound crazy)to yell at the poop or pee. She has said to stand above it, making sure your dog can see you, and yell something like “BAD POOP” or “BAD PEE!” and “NO!”. We have tried this and it doesn’t seem to bother our dog a bit. She looks at us like were crazy and gets all excited and runs away. Is our dog just an idiot..or was this dog trainer the idiot? Have you ever heard of using this as a training mechanism?

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Answer by animal_artwork
The trainer is an idiot.

You may want to consider crate training your dog.

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