5 of The Best Dog Breeds for Seniors – Part 2

In the first article I wrote on this topic I listed 5 dog breeds that are recommended for seniors to own.  They are: Boston terrier, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Maltese, and Pekingese.  I also listed some of the benefits of dog ownership that included:  companionship, a sense of safety and security, reducing stress, and getting more exercise while playing with or walking your dog.

Following is a list of 5 more of the best dog breeds for seniors:

1.  Pembroke Welsh corgi – This breed is intelligent, loyal, and loving.  It does not require a large living space and responds well to training.  This dog needs daily exercise and routine brushing.

Height 10 to 12 inches   Weight 25 to 30 pounds

2.  Pug – The Pug makes a good indoor pet.  It is loving, affectionate, and gets along well with other pets and people.  It requires little grooming.

Height 10 to 14 inches       Weight   14 to 18 pounds

3.  Schnauzer – Standard or miniature make good pets.  They are affectionate, protective and crave human companionship.  The Schnauzer can adapt easily to small city apartments.  It needs daily exercise and regular grooming.

Height 12 to 14 inches    Weight 10 to 15 pounds

4.  Toy poodle – This breed loves the company of people enjoys being pampered.  It is very intelligent and is easily trained.  The Toy poodle is cheerful and is usually good with other pets.  It needs daily mental and physical exercise.

Height Up to 10 inches   Weight 6 to 9 pounds

5.  Yorkshire terrier –   The Yorkshire terrier travels well due to its small size and temperament.  It needs daily interaction with people.  This breed requires limited exercise but does need regular grooming.

Height 6 to 7 inches     Weight around 7  pounds

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