4 Essential Tips To Build A Successful Hot Dog Cart Business

Have you had it with working for someone else?  Are you thinking about getting into the hot dog cart business?

If so, pay real close attention to every word in this article as it will probably be the most important advice you’ll ever get.

You are about to discover some of the super secret tricks that I used to start up a profitable hot dog cart business in 40 days.

How profitable you ask?  Let’s just say that I’m able to cover my daily cost of doing business on tips alone…

Don’t skip through any part of this article if you seriously want to make a living with your own hot dog cart.

Here are just a few of the techniques that I use to profit daily:

1) Get the best tasting hot dogs: now this might be overstating the obvious here, but you have to serve something that
people enjoy eating!

But there’s a bit more to it – just having a tasty weiner isn’t enough.  You need to properly pre-heat them and store them at the right temperature.

If you do a bit of some searching, you can find the highest quality hot dogs for literally 75% off retail.  

2) Never pay retail for equipment: in the hot dog cart business, the cart can definitely make the man!  If you want to attract clients, you must have an up to date cart.

However, it’s easy to get ripped off paying retail for equipment.  That’s why you
need to cut out the middle man and go straight to the source.

There’s an old saying that someone goes out of business every 30 minutes around the world and it holds true for hot dog vendors.  Ebay is definitely a great place to pick up a hot dog cart on the cheap from someone who wasn’t armed with the information you now posess!

3) Get free rent locations: yep, you heard me right – FREE rent.  Believe it or not, it’s actually easier to get a no rent location than it is a paid one.

To accomplish this method you need to locate the owner of a factory in a big industrial park.  Look for one that is near the entrance to the park.

Set up a meeting and offer the owner to provide free lunch to his employees once a month in exchange for setting up shop on his property.

You’ll be surprised how willing people are to take you up on this type of barter exchange and if you find a winning park right off the bat, you can easily make 0+ per day while only working over the lunch hour!

Here’s another ultra effective way to make loads of cash in the hot dog stand business-

This super secret ninja trick is 100% necessary if you want to stack cash as quick as possible…As a matter of fact, using this one strategy alone will virtually guarantee your success while allowing you to crush your competition.  I advise you to discover this strategy on the next page – Click Here

Mike Tulley is a hot dog cart owner and runs the blog http://buyhotdogcart.com  He loves to share his experiences with people who are considering getting into the hot dog business.

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