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Question by askandtell: what is the best way to potty train a 9 week old German Shepherd??
I just got a 9 week old german shepherd. It ismale, all black with brown paws and a little gray on the chest. It is not potty trained yet. He is a house dog for now, but eventually I want him to live in my backyard. (Big backyard about 1,000 sq. ft.) What is the best way? When should I start having him sleep outside? Please help me. I want him to be a good doggy =)

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Answer by jogi
>>>>>>>CRATE TRAIN>>>>>>

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Peaches Pharmacy Series: How I give my dog medicine

This is the new series I decided to do called “Peaches Pharmacy.” Since Peaches is what I would call a “special needs” dog I wanted to give you a look into what it takes to care for her on a health-wise aspect. I’ll include videos of her taking her various medicines, videos about her special diet, and videos about her anxiety and her seizures. I hope you enjoy, and that these videos help you learn more about caring for a dog with special needs. Other Channels: Health Channel: AllyGettingHealthy Vlog/Daily Life Goings On: sharkbait21592 DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!
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Q&A: What does chicken meal and barley do in dog food?

Question by Bordered: What does chicken meal and barley do in dog food?
I was looking at my dog food brand and the first ingredients are Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley and Chicken Fat. I was wondering if barley and chicken meal is terrible in dog food, and what it is and does for the dog, I don’t know if I’m confusing chicken meal or chicken by product meal, or if it is the same thing? I also don’t know what barley is doing in dog food and is it harmful for the dogs stomachs?

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Answer by firefly_in_nh
Barley and chicken meal are considered “higher quality ingredients.” Although barley is considered better for your dog than some other ingredients, whether it should be fed to your dog depends on who you ask. Same goes for chicken meal and chicken by-product meal. To understand whether these ingredients are good or bad for your dog, it helps to understand what the terms in the ingredients mean and how your dog digests them.
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For More Info: Exclusively for our YouTube viewers, Jeff takes a look at Federal Premium “Guard Dog” 9mm home defense ammo.
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I Found My Best Friend In the Dog Pound

I Found My Best Friend In the Dog Pound

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Interesting Animal Facts 9 Dogs, Hot Facts Girl Teacher Rachel Join Hot Facts Teacher Rachel for Fun Facts About Dogs including things like Portuguese water …

How do you get a dog used to an electric fence?

Question by Owlmaid: How do you get a dog used to an electric fence?
We’ve decided to put up an electric fence to keep our dog from running the streets. Her name is Molly, female, and she weighs about 20pds. When she sees something she just BOLTS after it and I’m afraid what an electric fence would do to her if she did that.
Any tips on how to show her the electric fence?

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Answer by Tony’sJeanius
Dogs have to “learn” the rules of the electric fence. (mostly visually), however, ,,,,,and despite the shitpoints coming….it’s a Lazy Joes way out. Cruel as well.
Think about the concept.
Late Entry : the idea of “invisible fence” equals to poking a legless person with a stick.

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