SIGN UP NOW RIGHT HERE MEET ME AND CALL ME TODAY 281-826-1457 Korrey Think about this for a minute…..the hypothetical example of the matrix that MCA breaks down is over the course of 12 months, with everyone getting 3 in their first month and NEVER SIGNIN UP ANYONE EVER AGAIN. Think about that….3 in 30 days, and then that happening down 8 levels. No more than 3, not 4, not 5, not 20…..JUST 3. With JUST 3, that’s 000 A MONTH!!!!! What if it took you 18-24 months??….maybe it took you 3 months to find 3 people, and everyone took between 1-3 months to find their 3 that went PLATINUM. Do you realize the potential of the matrix??? I don’t think you guys do, or else you’d be more concerned about getting people to go platinum than you would about your lil advance commission. If you told me right now (assuming I’m a newbie to this industry), that if I found 3 people, that could find 3, down 8 levels, to pay a month for an amazing membership, and it took 12+ months to accomplish that, but at the end of the 12, 24, or 36+ months I’d be making 000 a month…..why would I quit??? If it took you THREE YEARS to accomplish that, would it not be worth it to spend 0 a year for 3 years to make that kind of monthly income??? Not to mention before you even get close to makin 000 a month you’d have months where you make 00, then 00, then 000, then 000, etc., etc.

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