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What does it take to become a good dog breeder?

Question by Judgerz: What does it take to become a good dog breeder?
This won’t be for a LONG time (10+ years) but some day I’d like to breed dogs for show. I’m not entirely sure what dog I’d like to breed, although I am fond of the American Foxhound. When you start to breed, what kind of registration do you have to go through? Should you get your beginning stock from reputable breeders? About how much does it cost to get the pups tested, and at what age should it be done?

Good breeding websites and advice would be great. And, I know most of you are going to post “SPAY AND NEUTER!!!” but that’s not what I’m looking for right now. I do believe in neutering and my dog right now is neutered, but I’m talking about breeding for the welfare of a good type of dog, and for showing.
Yep, how did I know? A Spay and Neuter answer. This is why I’m asking the question: to get information so that when I do get to breeding, I know how to avoid a lot of genetic diseases and look for a good dog. Of course I’m not going to work with this information alone, but it will help. Like I said, I do believe in spaying and neutering, and any dogs that aren’t show quality will in fact be spayed and neutered. I’m not in it to make money, just for my love of the breed.
I don’t know which one to pick. All of them have great advice.

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Answer by JR
Start going to shows. Right now. Get involved.

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A lil something for the dog lovers out there!!~

My puppy “Dream”, something about this ball i tell ya! she gets so worked up w/this ball, it is so funny, just thought i’d share this w/u guys…she has gone to the groomers since this video, so her hair is not wild btw:: the chemical peel video will be uploaded b4 the end of this wk…i will actually be doing an exfoliation “series” which will include: Chemical Peels Separating The Peels(deep, medium, light or “superficial peels” Microdermabrasion Laser Resurfacing so i will have a video dedicated to each of these exfoliating methods ok…it should be fun, so keep an eye out for it.. God bless everyone…jazzy

Gwenny unwrapping Christmas presents! She LOVES presents :)
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Support a Bloodhound Get Lost! Dog Vinyl Window Decal

Support a Bloodhound Get Lost! Dog Vinyl Window Decal

  • Decal is 5″ tall x 5.5″ wide
  • Original artwork – not clip art
  • High quality vinyl rated for 7 years
  • Constructed for outdoor, all-weather use
  • Detailed application instructions included

This is a high quality die-cut vinyl decal with no background. It is perfect for applying to windows, trailer, mailboxes, laptops, ipads and any other smooth, hard, non-porous surface. This decal is a custom design created by our in-house artist at NickerStickers. It is made of high quality, all-weather vinyl in our print shop with skilled staff hired from our local community and with materials purchased through a USA supplier.

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 6.49

Lost Dogs

Price: $ 16.99

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Clicker Dog Training: STOP Leash Pulling!

This is an exercise that supplements the techniques that I have presented on this topic already. It is not by any means a conclusive, end-all solution to stop leash-pulling. However, after having worked through everything else mentioned in my other videos on teaching loose leash walking, I find that a lot of dogs learn very quickly with this approach that they must not pull if they want to continue the walk. It is important to note however, that using food as a reward after every ’roundabout’ may cause some dogs to pull just so they can come around for a reward. Using food rewards occasionally should eliminate this problem. Links ——– How to teach Loose Leash Walking (PART 1): ‘Getting your dog to stay next to you’ PART 2: ‘Helping your dog relax and be calm on walks’ How to teach your dog the HEEL position demonstrated in this video:
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Doggyloot referral (You’ll get a credit! Get off your first order!). Doggyloot is similar to Hautelook (only Doggyloot has flash sales for dog products, I really love it!): DNA Test Kit Unboxing: Vic’s Test, Demo of DNA Test Kit (using the kit to collect DNA): This video is of my dog Vic’s results from a Wisdom Panel Insights DNA test kit done to determine his breed(s). The test was the Mixed Breed Identification Kit by Wisdom Panel Insights and it came from The results came in about 2-3 weeks. As always guys, thank you so much for watching!
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Cute Dalmatian Puppy Police Pup Dog Animal Art Print Poster(16×20)

Cute Dalmatian Puppy Police Pup Dog Animal Art Print Poster(16×20)

  • Cute Puppy Dalmatian Police Pup Dog Animal Art print measures 16×20 inches
  • Art is created using high quality paper
  • The printing process produces a vivid and detailed reproduction
  • Suitable for museum or gallery display
  • Brand new and comes ready to hang,frame,or mat

Cute Puppy Dalmatian Police Pup Dog Animal Art Print Poster(16×20)

Price: $ 6.98

How would one make a great chili?

Question by midnightrambler: How would one make a great chili?
These days I only eat turkey hot dogs and was wondering if there is a chili I could prepare for a topping. It must contain no salt and fat free. You know heart healthy.

Best answer:

Answer by Danny
a great chilli will always contain fat and salt – sorry

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