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Havahart Wireless 5134G2 Radial-Shape 2 Wireless Fence

Havahart Wireless 5134G2 Radial-Shape 2 Wireless Fence

  • Creates a circular boundary extending from 40 feet to 400 feet in all directions from the Controller
  • Quick and easy to install with no need for trench digging
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen on controller lets you set the exact distance of your fence boundary and customize correction levels
  • Up to two collars can be used with the wireless system (1 collar included)
  • Designed for any breed dog older than 6 months and weighing more than 8 pound. Water-resistant collar fits neck sizes 14-26-inch

The Most Advanced Circular-Shaped Wireless Dog Fence The Radial-Shape2 Havahart Wireless Dog Fence is the industry’s most advanced do-it-yourself, dog containment system. This is the world’s first digital wireless dog containment system to offer a Roaming Area that can expand the fence radius from 40 feet up to 400 feet—that is up to 11.5 acres and close to 20 times more Roaming Area than any other wireless fence on the market. Capable of containing up to 2 dogs, this wireless dog fence i

List Price: $ 359.00

Price: $ 279.80

Our Psycho Dog Needs Meds

This is the family pet. Her name is Baby. This dog needs serious psychological help. But we love her anyway. Calm one minute, crazy the next.
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25 Easy Dog Food Recipes

25 Easy Dog Food Recipes

Learn how to keep your pet healthy and happy with 25 cheap, easy-to-fix recipes for homemade dog food! Save money and make sure your pet’s nutritional needs are met in a delicious way!


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Canine Angel saves Boy from Cougar.flv

Dog Hero saves boy from cougar.

What are the best veggie dogs I can buy at a market?

Question by Help: What are the best veggie dogs I can buy at a market?
All of the one’s I’ve bought so far have been terrible.

And don’t say, “just eat a hot dog” unless you’re joking. Because I will absolutely never eat meat.

What are other good veggie products like that I can buy at the market?

Best answer:

Answer by Bob
You can’t use good and veggie in the same sentence.

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Do short haired dogs just not get fleas and ticks?

Question by Loc: Do short haired dogs just not get fleas and ticks?
My 6 year old Blue heeler/Pit Bull mix, has short hair, and shes never gotten fleas or ticks so I was just curious if short haired dogs even get them do they? I live in an area where the is a lot of fleas and ticks as well, and my neighbors dog has gotten fleas just not my dog, not trolling or bragging or anything just curious is all thanks good day everybody

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Answer by Chelsea Lately
Any dog can get fleas or ticks..coat length has nothing to do with it. You’ve just been unusually lucky.
Personally I would apply flea/tick meds every months.

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CuteWinFail Ep. 90: Dog Treat Wake Up Cute

A dog wakes up to the smell of food, a girl grabs onto a not-so-secure towel rack and a man wearing khakis makes an amazing basketball shot. For more hilarious videos, check out Petsami More CWF action on Facebook And follow CWF on Twitter:
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Watch me LIVE HERE { :) Click the description for more information! ————————– It’s holiday season and Thanksgiving is a time of indulging in yummy food!!! Today we are going to learn how to make our own fun Dog Treat Holder, A fun quick dog treat recipe, and a quick thanksgiving themed tip for your pet!!! DIY Dog Treat Holder Go to any department store and find a simple glass jar with a lid. Find Acrylic AKA water based paint. Make sure it’s water based so it will stick to the glass. Next we are going to paint any design we want on the glass jar. Clean brushes with dawn soap and water. Let stand for a few hours. Complete! Apple Cinnamon Treat 1 large Apple 1/4 cup Honey 1/2 cup of water 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup oatmeal 1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour 1/8 cup whole wheat flour Directions: Preheat oven to 350 F Use a food processor if you have one but smash the apple in a large bowl. Add the honey, water, cinnamon and oatmeal. Gradually blend in the wheat flour adding enough to form a stiff dough. In a different (Small bowl) add 1/8 cup wheat flour. Spoon the dough by rounded teaspoon onto ungreased baking sheets. Spacing about 2 inches apart. Using the bottom of a glass dipped in the wheat flour (prevents sticking), flatten each spoonful of dough into a large circle. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and flip each cookie to brown evenly on both sides. Reduce oven temp to 325 F. Return to oven and bake for additional 30 minutes. Let cool
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