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After a long day of fishing I talk about the future of the channel and some new things I hope to accomplish.

Honk Quack Bang Bully Leather Waterfowl Band Dog Collar

Honk Quack Bang Bully Leather Waterfowl Band Dog Collar

  • Tough and ready and a handsome dog collar for your favorite buddy
  • Features a duck band attached to the keeper and a flat goose band attached to the leather
  • Duck and Goose bands are replicas of the originals
  • Duck bling for your dog
  • Measure carefully

These Honk Quack Bang Bully Leather Waterfowl Band Dog Collars are tough and ready and a handsome dog collar for your favorite buddy. The Bully leather dog collars feature a duck band attached to the keeper and a flat goose band attached to the leather. The Duck and Goose bands Honk Quack Bang uses on their products are replicas of the originals that were recovered and reported by owner Bryan Baker. Duck bling for your dog! When measuring your pet for a dog collar use a tape measure – cloth work

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 11.99

Q&A: Why do people go on here and ask what to do about their seriously ill or injured dog?

Question by My baby Missy: Why do people go on here and ask what to do about their seriously ill or injured dog?
When your dog is seriously ill or injured, every second counts. You need to know what to do in case of an emergency before it occurs. There’s a series of ebooks available that can answer all your questions about dog health faster and better than asking random strangers on here. These ebooks were written by dog experts and veterinarians, and will provide you with a much more detailed answer. With these books, you can actually learn to self diagnose your dog, so you know what to do, before the medical emergency happens. That’ll give you more time to get your dog to the vet, and keep him/her alive longer. So, why waste precious seconds asking strangers on the Internet what to do, when you can find out in a couple minutes with this ebook “The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health”. It also comes with four other ebooks, one of which is about first aid. If your dog is not breathing, you’ll know how to do CPR or the Heimlich maneuver (if he’s choking). Your dog has a much better chance of survival, if you know what to do in five minutes, rather than ask on here and get “take her to the vet” for every answer. Check out this page This could really save your dog’s life one day.

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Answer by animals4ever
They are hoping that he injury and illness is nothing nd heir pet is fine. They don’t wnt to say that heir pets could be dieing. Also They probably hope they can help their animals without going to th vet nd paying hi be bill..

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Question by : I got yelled at by some raindom today… Do you think this is animal cruelty?!?
lol, it was kind of funny to be honest, but today i was walking my dogs (My male 4 yr old miniature poodle named Chiko, and my 5 month old toy poodle named Missy) Anyways, its winter here, so my dogs have little jumpers and stuff on (And i carry little doggie raincoats in my backpack just incase x3 ) Anyway, my little 5 month old, Missy, has only just had her second jab, and my mum is still too scared to let her out for walks on a leash…incase something bad happens?

Anyway i bought her an ADORABLE little doggie carry bag off ebay (its gorgeous, its leopard print, and is by some brand called Zack&Zoey) Anywho, i sorta trained Missy to like the bag, and she loves it. Its like her little den :D I keep it on the floor for her to sleep in if she wants a closed-in bed to sleep in for a while. So back to the story- I walked my dog Chiko, and had her in her little doggie carry bag with her head sticking out. Suddenly, some random guy walks up to me and says “Why would you do that to your dogs?! I hate people like you, who treat their dogs as accessories! Dogs are animals, they should’nt have clothes, and sparkly collars, and BAGS!!” i was speechless! LOL!! I just answered “Dude, its pretty cold, i think my dogs appreciate some extra clothing to keep them warm. And my pup is too little to walk yet” i said, and walked off. He was a bit of a creep so i didnt look at him when he continued to ramble on too himself….

Anyways, i know that dogs arent made to wear clothes, and be carried around in bags. But is it really that bad if they enjoy it? I mean seriously, my dog chiko gets excited when i pull an outfit out of his draw, because he knows it keeps him cozy.

But what the question really is “Does it count as cruelty, if the dog doesnt mind, or enjoys it?” .

Btw, i can just predict that theres gonna be some people posting “OMG DOG USER!” Well, i love my dogs more then i love myself (seriously >.> ) and i would not force them to do something they didnt want. Please dont post negative things towards me, because i love my dogs and im a proud supporter of the RSPCA :)

Im 14 (and 6 months) btw, and have had Chiko ever since he was 4 months, and have had missy ever since she was 2 months (shes 5 months now, oh they grow up so quickly!)
Heres my youtube channel, it has videos of my little doggies x3 Not yet any vids of Missy :/ But theres vids of Chiko!!! :D

Sorry, just noticed that LOL!!! xD
Sheri- I never asked about when her vaccinations should be due, i asked if its cruel to carry dogs around in handbags and wear clothes (info above). Dont be blaming my mother for this, and dont call us irresponsible. You obviously dont know all the facts about our area, and whether it was my mothers decision to get vaccinations this late. The vet is organising her vaccinations and their dates, not us.
P.S the nail polish Chiko has in the videos….I’ts doggie nail polish, non-toxic. I got bored one day and thought it would be a cute idea =P And i was having a doggie party that weekend so i thought “why not!”

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Answer by Yeah R
Ignore the man who’s mad at the world and enjoy your time with your puppy. Just be nice to him as it sounds like you already are.

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sweet small dogs :)

hahaha did u see sweeties small dogs than them ??? 101 dalmacina or whatever is nothing near them :))
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Expressing anal glands (externally) on two small dogs at the Pooch Parlor Pet Groomer Academy in Ponderay, ID. Bring your gloves and Listerine.
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Marti W Benti W Ana- part 4 -Buying A Dog

Marti W Benti W Ana- part 4 -Buying A Dog

Training Chickens Makes for Better Dog Trainers!

J9’s K9s trainer, Stephanie, spends a week training a chicken and sharpens her dog training skills in the process! Janine trained chickens too, in 2004!
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