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Announcement: Summer Temperatures l Heat Stroke Prevention


Summer means vacation! Whether you’re really planning a trip, or it’s just a vacation of the mind, you’ll want to consider a couple things before all of the fun begins! If you have a pet or pets (which, we’ll assume that you do because you’re reading this) you’ll need to remember a couple things to make their summer an enjoyable time too.

§  Let’s go for a ride!

This phrase has a euphoric affect on my cat. Our cat loves to lay across the dashboard and peer at where we were going while enjoying the view, the sun, and the air conditioner! What wonder…all of her favorite things!

Take into account however, that when you take your pet on a road-trip. That cars can increase in heat very quickly. Make a rule never to leave you pet in a parked car. If you make a standard rule, you’ll be far likely to break it. And if you never break that rule, you’ll never have to live with the regret that you caused your own pet harm. On a cool day, the sun can raise the temperature of the interior of your car 120o in just a matter of minutes. Even with the winds rolled down, if there is no air ventilation it will still get too hot for them!

§  The 80o Rule.

Whether inside or outside, realize that this key number will save your pet a lot of grief! Keep this number in your head always, and when you realize that the temperature is getting a little warm, do something about it. If you’re outside, find your pet shade and something to drink. Be considerate of them, they deserve it!       

If you’re planning on leaving your house for more than a couple days, you might consider changing the thermostat setting before you leave. Consider, though, your cats needs before you change it. Cats do not have very efficient cooling mechanisms. In the wild, when a cat doesn’t like something or a temperature, they will move. If you cat is shut up in your house, they will not have the ability to change their environment. Remember that anything over 80o  will be uncomfortable for your cat.           

§  Keep ‘em Moving!

Also, remember to leave access to different parts of your house for their comfort. On a normal day, your cat will change position to find a sunny at a window, or sit on the tile in the bathroom to cool off. Give your cat access to your house. This will allow everyone concerned to truly enjoy the time off.

§  Protection!

As much as you consider protecting your own skin from overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays, consider that your pet may need protection as well. If your pet has short or light colored hair, their skin can be damaged by the sun much in the same way that you can be. They can suffer from sunburns, peeling and ultimately cancer.

§  Water, Water, Everywhere!

One of the few ways that we have to cool our bodies is through water. We drink it to cool ourselves and to properly hydrate ourselves, so that we can release water in ways to cool our bodies. Keep water available. If you’re going go away, have plenty of water sources available! Keep a little water in your sinks, extra water bowls around.

§  Be aware of heatstroke!

If for some reason, you realize that you might have missed a couple things, or maybe you had an emergency and had to leave quickly look for these symptoms when determining if your pet needs attention for heat stroke.

  • Body temperature of 104-110F
  • Sticky or dry tongue and gums
  • Dark or bright red tongue and gums
  • Staggering
  • Seizures
  • Bloody diarrhea or vomiting


Announcement: How Do I Keep My Dog From Begging

Many times when addressing issues with your dog, you need to learn to look at the situation as they do. Confront negative behavior with your pets as if you are confronting a toddler. We do not expect a toddler to act like an adult, and we can easily understand some behavior because it has been encouraged by the parent. The same is true with your dog. Your dog is smart and quick, your dog has learned many behaviors simply in response to things that you have done or enforced. The area of begging is one of those areas.

Your dog is begging, and you want him to stop. The first thing that you need to realize and admit is that the only reason that they are begging is because it has brought them success in the past. This dog has learned this habit and learned to use it to their benefit. If you have inherited this dog with this habit, then you’re off the hook, but everyone else… this is a habit that you helped to develop.

It is truly admirable and commendable that your dog is a big part of your life. It is understandable that you enjoy his company and distractions when you are eating. But you and your dog need to realize that this is not the time to feed your dog snacks. By allowing your dog to beg during mealtime, and by rewarding this behavior, you are encouraging a habit that you will soon realize is not something that you want them to do all of the time.

A good way to address the issue with your dog is not to loudly and brashly protest his begging, but rather, save your dogs feeding time for your mealtime. They have already learned to equate your mealtime with snack time or food time for them. Take this time, then to reschedule their mealtime with your mealtime. Save their food on the counter or a table nearby until you sit at the table. When they come to beg, you can place their food on the floor in the same place where you always place it. As you stop rewarding the begging behavior and give them their own food, they will soon learn not to beg. Decide on habits that are easy to maintain. To properly communicate to your dog that begging is not successful, you have to predetermine not to allow it to be successful – ever.

If this seems too much to ask, and you still have a problem, then determine not to eat in front of your dog. If the temptation to offer a little snack is too great, then decide to put the dog outside, or in another room while you are eating, then the begging is not allowed to happen.

The key to treating this type of behavior is consistency. Realizing how much your dog will benefit from learning to restrain himself, will make them a more well-adjusted and calmer dog.

How I make small dog toys

Thumbs up if you like. I know this video seems kinda obvious but sometimes we get caught up in buying toys when we get a new small pet. Dont let their treacherous cuteness make you spend money on equally cute toys that cost $$. My dog Atom is an expert at this. Anyways try using any old cloth and tie two knots in it to make a cloth “bone” If anyone wants to share any other ideas feel free. Plus da foot funk adds flava !

Question by Hachii-Style: About Jindo puppies “biting behavior” (for jindo owners/breeders/etc jindolists or really smart ppl? only)?
There is a myth that Jindo puppies mature earlier thanother breeds. While young weaned Jindo puppies mayphysically appear ready to be placed in a new home, thisdoes not take into account the behavioral and mental readi-ness of the puppy. Studies have proven that puppies con-tinue learning very valuable behaviors and lessons from their mother and littermates well past the point that they are eating solid food. Canine communication skills and bite inhibition are two of the vital things puppies do notlearn when removed from their mother before 7 weeks ofage. This early learning can never be made up for later,and a puppy who does not receive it will always be at adisadvantage. Responsible breeders do not let puppies goto new homes until they are at least 7 weeks old, andbreeders of other primitive dogs like Shibas and Kais, havelearned it is best not to release puppies at a young age.

my question:
I was told by the owner of a jindo that his puppies were at age of 7 weeks. My puppy still bites and nibbles me somtimes(most of the time when he is sitting and i scratch his ears). I have another puppy about 7 “months” old and she is very aggressive. She likes to pick on my little 7 “weeks” old Jindo. They play fight eachother all the time. My jindo never gives up and sometimes their play fight turns into biting that I have to come in and break them up. I dont know if my 7 months pup will influence the increase biting of my 7 weeks old jindo. I had just read the article i pasted above for you guys to read. Tell me if what it says means that my jindo has learned from his mother or littermates or the owner lied to me about his age and he hasn’t learn enough yet(everyone in my family says the jindo seems to look more older then 7 weeks). I haven’t seperated my two puppies yet because although they fight they also get along as well. I can tell they are fighting for alpha here because the female always try to get on top of the male. (no i am not trying to breed them if you are wondering. The female is to keep me warm at night *its been very cold these days* She will forever stay my lap dog,. the jindo is to be my loyal companion *I will take him hunting when he is a year old or two. My father in-law hunts in the woods so this would be a good experience for my lil jindo to use one of his skills as a hunter) I dont want my jindo to have trouble socializing nor biting because I want him to be a smart doggy. Thank you for your answers and your concern.
Korean jindos are not designer dogs nor mix breeds. They are a pure bred.
My jindo is a jindo I don’t know if he’s mix with anything but his parents look “jindo” to me. His traits and characteristics are like a real jindo should have. Curious, brave, aggressive so far.
Korean jindos are not designer dogs nor mix breeds. They are a pure bred.
My jindo is a jindo I don’t know if he’s mix with anything but his parents look “jindo” to me. His traits and characteristics are like a real jindo should have. Curious, brave, aggressive so far.

Best answer:

Answer by Ocimom
Is this a legit breed or a designer breed (mutt/mixed breed) dog? If its a mix, then you have no way of telling what the dog will be like, how big, its temperment, etc.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Dog Dandruff 7 Treatment Tips – – Dog Dandruff 7 Treatment Tips Tip 1: Give your dog regular baths – Flaky skin is often a suspect with the obvious on set of dog dandruff. Bathing your dog on a regular basis will help prevent the build up of flakes. During winter months consider bathing your dog once a month, while you will want to bathe your dog twice during summer months. – Your dog’s bath water should be warm — NOT hot and gently massage a reputable dog dandruff shampoo into the dog’s skin. Be sure to rinse and dry well. Tip 2: Check the active ingredients in the dog dandruff shampoo you use. Most reputable dog dandruff shampoos contain either sulfur or salicylic acid. Once you have massaged the shampoo into a rich lather be sure to let it sit for about 5 minutes. – If you intend to use a medicated dog dandruff shampoo be sure it is not a medicated shampoo intended for humans as they can be quite harmful to dogs. Also remember that dog shampoos containing insecticides, like flea treatment shampoos, will leave the dog’s skin very dry even if they contain added moisturizers. You may want to avoid these types of shampoos when treating specifically for dog dandruff. Tip 3: One human product you may consider using is colloidal oatmeal. It too is excellent for dogs with dandruff because it moisturizes dry skin. – Tip 4: Use a reputable oil rinse. This helps lubricate the skin and lock in moisture. If you live in a dry climate an oil rinse should be at the top of your list for
Video Rating: 5 / 5 A durable board book edition of the original classic celebrates Clifford’s thirty-fifth anniversary and, in the voice of young Emily Elizabeth, celebrates the Big Red Dog’s foibles and misadventures. “sm”

Dog books and HICCUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Homemade Comfort Food For Your Dog – Easy Recipes That Take Minutes!

Homemade Comfort Food For Your Dog – Easy Recipes That Take Minutes!

Dogs love good food too! What if you could feed your dog a nutritious meal in only minutes, with items you already have on hand?

I’ll show you how to prepare a variety of different meals and treats for your dog – including special recipes to address diabetes, weight loss, and tummy upset.

From beef stew to peanut butter delights, I will show you how to feed your dogs healthy comfort food – quickly and easily.


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