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Announcement: Prostate and Testicular Cancer in Dogs

Why Your Male Dog Should Be Neutered

Unless you have a purebred dog with impeccable bloodlines that you are planning to breed, having your dog neutered at a young age can protect him from the two most common cancers of intact, older male dogs – prostatic and testicular cancer.

Both types of cancer are caused by the overabundance of testosterone common in male dogs that results in a proliferation of abnormal cellular growth – what the general public calls tumors. In both prostate and testicular cancer, these tumors grow and occupy space outside of the particular organs involved, typically metastasizing to the abdomen, lungs, and bones. In addition, some testicular tumors produce estrogen, resulting in your male dog becoming more feminine.

If not caught very early, both kinds of cancers can prove fatal.

Symptoms of prostate cancer include incontinence, blood in the urine, or an inability to urinate without straining. You may notice your pet has a watery, bloody discharge from his penis and may be straining to defecate, or may even be constipated. As the disease progresses, dogs with prostatic cancers may show signs of rear end lameness, increasing signs of pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, and lethargy. Some animals will hold the tail in an unusual position due to discomfort.

Clinical signs of testicular tumors include swelling in your dog’s groin or scrotum, an abdominal mass, or the “feminization” that occurs when affected organs begin producing estrogen instead of testosterone. You may see enlarged mammary glands and nipples, a smaller-than-normal penis, and a sagging prepuce – the covering over the penis.

The treatment for both types of cancer typically starts with veterinary castration – removal of the testicles. With prostatic cancer, the prostate is also removed. Chemotherapy and radiation may be recommended if the cancer has spread, and the prognosis typically depends on the location, size, and type of the tumor involved.

Surgical castration of young dogs automatically removes the cellular tissue and hormones that cause both diseases, and is considered a valuable preventive of both types of cancer in later life. Most veterinarians will also recommend that you get your stud dog neutered after his breeding days have passed in order to avert any problems later in life. 

Announcement: Benefits of a Room Wizard® Indoor Pet Containment System


Room Wizard® Indoor Pet Containment System

Pet Stop’s Room Wizard® Indoor Pet Containment System was developed to keep your pets safe and problem-free while they’re in your home. Knowing that your much-loved furry companion can’t eat something he shouldn’t, or climb on something that can topple over on her, saves you hours of worry when you can’t be home to supervise.

With our Gentlesteps™ Training method, we can confine your pets, both canine and feline, to certain areas of your house when you’re not at home.

We’ll keep the cats off your counter tops and tables, and ensure that the dogs don’t get into the trash, grab food off the table, or sit in your favorite chair. We’ll stop your dogs from rummaging in the cat litter box, and make sure kitty stays out of the baby’s nursery.

When its time to potty train your dog, we can make sure he stays in one room of your house until he is conditioned to go outside to do his “business.” And if you have a cat with inappropriate elimination issues, keeping her in the same room with her litter box is a breeze with our indoor containment system.

Our technicians are trained to install either a wired or wireless containment system in your home. If you need the wired system, we can hide the wires under your carpet and/or along your baseboards so that the necessary technology doesn’t mar the beauty of your home.

For a free in-home estimate of our Room Wizard® Indoor Containment System, call us at 714-878-2696, or send us your questions on our Contact Us  page.    


Nutramax Welactin 3 – Canine 120 – Softgel Caps

Nutramax Welactin 3 – Canine 120 – Softgel Caps

  • Welactin soft gel caps for dogs are the omega 3 fish oil supplement
  • Higher proportion of the omega 3 fatty acid and dha than other fish oil products
  • 0

This product is designed to support the wellness of your pets as they age by slowing down the aging process. It is a specially formulated proprietary salmon oil manufactured to maintain a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids including the long chain fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These support normal heart rhythm, the brain and nervous system, kidneys, skin and coat, immune system and has positive effects on metabolism and improved appetite. You will notic

List Price: $ 23.99

Price: $ 11.05

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Dog abuse


WLBT story on dog abuse case in Ridgeland.
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I get threats but It’s my dog right?

Question by : I get threats but It’s my dog right?
I treat my dog like people should treat their children. When he barks I hit him with something, usually the cane I have to walk around with ( I have one foot substantially smaller than the other) and If he cries too much he misses dinner. It’s how they learn to obey. He pee’s on the corners on my house so I had to start shocking him with my brothers cattle prod. and all i get is grief from my animal loving neighbors.

People think their pets should be treated like royalty. It infuriates me when i see people walking their dogs everyday. Their just spoiling them and making the dogs think they’re in control. Giving them special treats and food and giving them coats for when its cold outside. Dogs have fur they don’t need jackets no matter how cold it is!

My stupid Oriental neighbor always yells at me when I’m tying my dog to the fence. She tells me that a 5 foot rope is too small and he has no room to roam around. No it isn’t! its my yard and he gets to “roam” where i allow him too. She had the audacity to threaten to call animal control on me because “he was too skinny and was terrified of me” God said in the bible that a man is allowed to control his animal however he wants. I don’t know what her fat budda god or that 4 armed lady has to say about animals but Its wrong and stupid. I know MY god is the one that knows what he is talking about. I should be able to do whatever i want with him because he’s mine.

There’s too many people in America that love their animals too much and its sickening. Maybe if they loved their animals less we wouldn’t be in so much debt.

I need to know if they’re are any true American animal owners here too and how they think we should help these people understand

Best answer:

Answer by Allanas
How much of your life did you waste typing all that…troll?

Go play in traffic.

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Question by berry cherry 00: what does he really mean and want? does he still like me? what about the dog? haha?
A guy friend was flirting with me 4 a while, he used to tell me in a very direct way that he liked me, whe we finally went out (just once) things didn’t worked out he wanted to rush things, he asked me out again a few times after but nothing happened ’cause I was mad at him, then he disappear for months we didn’t talk in a long time until a month ago. He knows I luv dogs, he has a golden, he used to tell me his dog sent kisses to me, wanted me to visit it n’ sent me photos of the dog ’cause he knows that drives me crazy. A month ago he used the excuse of “I got new dog photos” to text me tryin’ to ask me to go out with him I said “ok anytime”, he said he was single n’ asked about my luv life, I was in a hurry so the chat was short, in the past everytime we talked he mentioned that we should go out n’ he misses me but never asks me exactly to go out n’ believe me he’s not shy at all. Since that day he hasn’t even say hi 2 me when online at IM, I don’t know what 2 think of him!

Best answer:

Answer by starrwoode
he wants to get you in the sack, thats about all.

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Dog Intelligence-How Dogs Think

Dog Intelligence-How Dogs Think
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I got this idea from Merideth Viera on the Today Show…she gave her dog an intelligence test…the way it works is that you show your dog a treat, and then cover it with a towel. Less intelligent dogs will have an “out of sight out of mind” mentality..whereas an intelligent dog will go for the treat and retrieve it from underneath the towel…how will my Molly do?
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