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Announcement: Crate Training Tips for New Dogs

Anytime your new dog or puppy is in your house and not in your yard behind an invisible fence system, she needs to be house trained for your family’s sanitation needs. Crate training your pet provides the quickest – and cleanest – way to make that possible.

Make sure and purchase a crate that is large enough for your puppy or dog to stand up, turn around, and sleep in comfortably. Particularly with younger, more active dogs, the ability to move around during crate time keeps their minds alert and developing muscles tuned. Note that a crate that is too large for your dog allows her to eliminate in the kennel away from her bedding and water and contradicts the entire purpose of crate training.

 You will want to line the crate with old newspapers to absorb any “accidents.” Use only the black newsprint – not the slick ad pages – because newsprint absorbs water, while colored print pages do not.

Give your pet a doggy bed or a pile of old blankets or towels to lie on while she’s in the kennel. You might also want to throw in some of her favorite toys to keep her occupied while she’s there.

If she’s only going to be in the crate a short time – maybe an hour or two – you don’t need to leave her any water. A longer stay requires that she have a full water bowl to keep from getting dehydrated. Placing several ice cubes in the bowl so that she can lick them as they melt helps in preventing spills.

Knowing the approximate age of your dog tells you how long you can leave her in the crate. The American Animal Hospital Association states that puppies should only be kenneled for one hour per month of life. That means a 2-month-old dog should only be crated for two hours at a stretch. Adult dogs that have already been house-trained can stay up to 8 hours comfortably, providing they have adequate water.

Take your dog or puppy outside immediately before she goes in the crate and immediately after she gets out. Praise and pet her when she eliminates outside both times. Consistently doing this teaches her not to “potty” in the house, and to wait until she’s outside to “go.” If you allow her to walk around the house after she gets out of the crate, you need to expect accidents.

Remember, accidents will happen regardless of crate training. Don’t spank your pet with a newspaper or “rub her nose in it.” This only serves to make her fearful and possibly aggressive. Being kind and consistent with any training method teaches her good manners and makes her your loving companion for life.

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Dog Wheelchair, Large (60-100 lbs)

Dog Wheelchair, Large (60-100 lbs)

  • Lightweight adjustable aluminum frame (non-rust)
  • Non-rust galvanized hardware (only 2 bolts required)
  • Deluxe neoprene front and rear harness for complete comfort
  • Designed and tested by K9 Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Easy to adjust height and length with hex wrench

This cart is made to fit any dog from 60-100lbs The widest width of cart (with wheels) is 21″. Cart measurements are length 29″-32.25″ (adjustable), width (ID) 10.5″, height 17.5″ without wheels and 21.5″ with wheels. This cart will adjust in height about +/-5″ tall, and about 3″ in length. It will not adjust in width or saddle (width measurement from top, or thigh measurement). It has 14″ all-terrain wheels, padded shoulder support, Triple thronged neoprene adjustable shoulder harness, and doub

Price: $ 257.00

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The Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit team of humane law enforcement officers whose goal is enforcing laws that prevent animal cruelty and abuse. We would like to remind you about an important law regarding dog shelter requirements for dogs left outside. During extreme weather conditions, all dogs must be provided with proper shelter when left outside. The doghouse must be large enough for the animal to stand up and walk around inside of it. It must also be waterproof and insulated from the adverse weather conditions. For more information, please visit our website: To report animal abuse or animal neglect, call our hotline at 518-755-9517

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